Artists Residency


Artists in residence


Philip A. Robinson Jr.. is a sculptor working primarily with themes related to wealth, culture, music, fashion and media to formulate connotations of real life situations and historical backgrounds. His Sculptures navigate the Media’s cultural appropriation of the historical significances, Music, Language, Fashion, and Wealth of the Human Experience.


Jacki Davis works with multiple mediums creating an interdisciplinary collection spanning from painting and collage, to installation and performance art. She explores a varied amount of content focusing on dichotomies of Indigenous American identity in modern society, feminism, environmental issues and social justice. Jacki sees the world as a platform for all of humanity to embrace differences whether in conflict or harmony. By opening a door to conversation, human kind can use the power of self observation to confront and overcome global conflicts.


Wanki Min takes photographs of stars in ways to identify solutions for how he could combine astrological factors within photography. He aims to combine multiple microscopic aspects of small, busy, everyday lives that surround him to initiate a project with an idea that he may be capable of presenting a unique perspective of the world. Min combines photographs of cities, people, and landscapes taken around the world with photographs of the stars taken with a camera attached to a telescope as well as straight photography itself. He then pushed some of these photographs further by applying alternative processes to explore the light.


Caroline Minchew is a photographer working in analog and alternative photographic processes. Turning her lens onto landscapes in which she resides, she imbues her photographs with her own sense of self, composing images that blur on the abstract, resulting in elegiac and quieted scenes.


Inas Al-Soqi is a heritage-driven artist who works with the cultural diversity she encountered in her life but also throughout trips around the world. Her collages play with the dichotomy between the sanctioned and the unsanctioned, and that of folk and fine art. They deliver an endearing form of satire as they express an ironic interpretation of class and nobility. The composition of her work addresses the following themes: Eastern culture, Arab culture, early colonial federalism, and violence against women.