Artists Residency


Artists in residence


Jacki Davis works with multiple mediums creating an interdisciplinary collection spanning from painting and collage, to installation and performance art. She explores a varied amount of content focusing on dichotomies of Indigenous American identity in modern society, feminism, environmental issues and social justice. Jacki sees the world as a platform for all of humanity to embrace differences whether in conflict or harmony. By opening a door to conversation, human kind can use the power of self observation to confront and overcome global conflicts.

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Adelfino Corino is a multimedia artist who's work explores producing art in in the digital age. His mediums include oil painting, programming, digital sculpture, 3D design and motion graphics. His use of paint with various digital applications explores "traditional art" in the context of the contemporary image by applying digital parameters to the medium.


Elisa Ye works with oil, prints, and watercolor to convey multi-entry points of history, which echos the experience of modern city life. Her working process tries to rediscover the missing moments of sentiments and memories, which are sometimes ignored or belittled, in a fast paced environment. Influenced by Chinese traditional ink wash painting, she incorporates varied density, thin layering, and calligraphy strokes, referencing the ephemeral emotions between people’s daily shifting schedule, roles and responsibilities.


Bria Whitney lives and works in Brooklyn, NYC. Being a New York native made the art world easily accessible, enabling exploration within the ever-present diversity and vibrant culture of the city. Whitney received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts with a minor in Art History from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Now Whitney works as a Mixed Media Artist, using both mediums of painting and printmaking in her works that investigate notions of identity - “who or what a person or thing is”. Whitney's works are an expressive experience employing heavy brush strokes that gives texture and movement in each work. Whitney has become influenced by artists including Schiele, Saville, and Walker.


Anton Ermakov is a self-taught oil painter focused primarily on figurative work, sourcing subjects from found images, social media, and the immediate environment. He aims to discern the beauty of things which, in the age of immaterial digital images, are often lost, archived, or altogether dismissed, and by interpreting and painting them, to bring them forward.


Nandi Makala creates colorful bodies of work that enmesh various approaches to textile, among them embroidery, stitching, and crochet. She imbues them with a collection of found materials: leather, metal, wool, clothing, plastic. Her production techniques, are appropriated to bring to light a specific cultural history. This history takes root in the Congo, the birthplace of “the father”, and the Ivory Coast. Though her work is interdisciplinary, it is centered around an interest in cultural history, in origins. She explores the dichotomy between the hidden and the revealed: in relation to her identity, to her roots, her footprints, her memory. Her work centers both a deep love for her ancestry and a more critical perspective on the survival of post-colonial memory.


Rachael McArthur is a lens based artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work involves performance, video, sculpture and her alter ego Blanche Dumont. She uses her work to explore cultural ideals of feminine beauty, kink, BDSM, and sexuality. She has graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design University with a BFA in Photography and a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design with a MFA. 

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Zachary McRae uses process based and automatic techniques to generate abstract ideas and subject matter in his paintings. Excited by the unforeseeable nature of the results derived from this process, he allows his work to retain, convey and emphasize chosen aspects of those apparently random results. Self taught, he began producing paintings after suffering a traumatic brain injury in 2014 which shook him out of his cognitive Kansas. Zachary’s painting are informed by his background in cultural anthropology and his extensive research into various traditional belief systems pertaining to spirit possession.